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Dr. Cindy adjusting manAbout Us

Health Comes From Within

Your nerve system is your master control system. Imagine what it would be like to have that very critical system not working properly.  Nerve interference happens due to stressors. We experience different types of stress everyday from what we eat, to what we do and how we think. Chiropractic is designed to help remove those areas of nerve inference caused by stress with specific gentle adjustments to allow your body to function at its optimum – the way that is was supposed to function so that you and your family can be at their best every day.

Imagine the Possibilities

Dr. Cindy’s comprehensive knowledge and 20 years of experience working with newborns, children, pregnancy and families is complimented by the relaxing home office atmosphere that is provided. Kids can have fun and stay busy in our play area while other family members are getting care. We are always excited to see you. Our home office makes you feel welcome and comfortable the minute you walk into our door.

Health is the greatest gift in life and without your health life isn’t so great.  Dr. Cindy can help increase your health potential through chiropractic care which can help you and your family live your fullest life. Contact our office today!

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