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How to Get Extra Support During Pregnancy

pregnant mom holding her bellyAt Frazier Family Chiropractic we’re here to help patients during every stage of life—even pregnancy. In fact, many pregnant women choose to start visiting us in the months leading up to birth because of the wonderful benefits chiropractic care offers.

Here are a few different ways gentle adjustments might help you.

  • Nausea. Many women experience this in their first trimester. Chiropractic adjustments can offer relief as they work to balance the nervous system, which impacts the hormone system.
  • Back pain. As pregnancy progresses, hormones are released to create more room in the body for the growing baby. This means that mom’s body changes a lot! The rib cage expands and pelvis shifts, among other changes. We can offer gentle relief through specific adjustments that accommodate mom’s changing body. And don’t worry—there’s no harm to the baby at all during an adjustment. We also have pregnancy pillows and are Webster certified, which means our team has special training when it comes to working with pregnant moms.
  • Easier delivery. Chiropractic adjustments can help ensure the pelvis is in proper alignment so that the baby has the best amount of space to transition easily during the birthing process.

Our entire team looks forward to welcoming you and your little one into our practice. We see families of all ages and stages, and have years of experience welcoming patients just like yourself. In this critical time for your family, give yourself and your little one the best chance of optimal function with focused, gentle care with us.

Learn more about how we can help by contacting us today to book an appointment.

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