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New Practice Members

Day 1

Welcome to Frazier Family Chiropractic! Prior to your 1st visit we will have you complete online new patient forms to help expedite your initial visit. This will allow Dr. Cindy to be prepared prior to your first visit. If your paperwork is not completed, no worries, just allow 10-15 extra minutes for this process.

This initial consultation is where we find out what your health goals are for you and your family  as well as any health concerns.  We want to provide your family with the best care possible. You will discover the incredible benefits to a healthy nerve system as well as a comprehensive spinal and posture examination including the Insight Technology.  This is all a gentle and painless process.  Digital X-rays may be recommended at your initial visit if necessary.

Please allow 45 minutes for your first visit.

Day 2

Dr. Cindy will now take all of the pertinent information gathered on Day 1 about the health of your nerve system and devise an individual health care plan based on her findings and your health care goals for you and your family.

All of these findings will be discussed on Day 2 which will take approximately plan on 15-20 minutes.

You also get to experience your first chiropractic adjustment which will begin your health journey to better health expression.  Who wouldn’t want that for their family and themselves?

Contact our office today to get started!

New Practice Members | (402) 650-0090