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New Practice Members at Frazier Family Chiropractic

Before Your Visit

Before your appointment at Frazier Family Chiropractic, we will email you our new practice member paperwork so you can complete it ahead of time. When it’s time for your visit, we suggest wearing comfortable clothes (we provide gowns for use during the scan).


Your First Visit

When you arrive, we’ll welcome you and invite you to make yourself at home. If you’ve brought children, either to be adjusted or to wait, we have a play area for them to enjoy. We care deeply about our practice members and strive to make every member of your family feel comfortable, heard and supported.

Dr. Cindy will discuss the issues you’re facing (or your child’s issues), listening to your concerns and goals. She’ll also educate you about how chiropractic care helps the entire body function more optimally by removing interferences in the nervous system.

She’ll then conduct an extremely thorough evaluation and examination, which will include the Insight Scanning technology, a neurological exam and a posture exam. The exam is painless and will help detect areas that are causing interference in the nervous system. If Dr. Cindy feels X-rays are necessary, she will refer you out for those. This visit will take about an hour.

Your Second Visit

At this visit, Dr. Cindy will share her report of findings, explaining in detail the results from the scanning technology and her evaluations, as well as how those findings correlate with the concerns that you came in with. She’ll talk with you about whether or not our chiropractic care can help. If she believes it can, she’ll outline the individualized care plan that she has developed for you, explaining how long the care plan will take as well as the financial commitment. If you’re ready to begin care, you’ll then receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

We Make It Easy to Start Today

We offer a variety of ways to make it affordable for the whole family to get care, including family discount plans. We also accept:

  • HSAs
  • FSAs
  • Checks
  • Cash
  • Credit cards

Contact us today to book an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.


New Practice Members at Frazier Family Chiropractic | (402) 650-0090