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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Omaha

Safe and Beneficial

Woman holding baby clothesThe first question we usually get from moms-to-be is, “Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?” The answer is: extremely safe, and extremely beneficial—for you and your baby.

While you’re pregnant, your nervous system is connected to your child’s nervous system, so any imbalance or interference in your nervous system will affect both you and your baby. And any stressor, whether it’s chemical, emotional or physical, can affect your nervous system function—which affects how your baby’s nervous system will function after birth. Chiropractic care helps keep your nervous system free of interference, keeping you healthier and giving your baby the best shot at being born with a healthy nervous system as well.

Chiropractic care also helps keep your pelvis aligned and functioning optimally, giving the baby sufficient room to grow and develop, and facilitating delivery. During pregnancy, your pelvis is like a hot air balloon, with the ligaments of the pelvis tethered to the uterus. If your pelvis isn’t functioning correctly, this can cause the ligament “tethers” to pull on and twist the uterus, resulting in inefficient or difficult labor and delivery. With regular chiropractic care, the nervous system and pelvis can work efficiently throughout your pregnancy.

We Can Relate

At Frazier Family Chiropractic, we can relate to your pregnancy concerns. Dr. Cindy has had five beautiful, healthy babies—four were born at home, and all were born naturally and without medical intervention. To make your chiropractic care as gentle and comfortable as possible, Dr. Cindy uses the Webster Technique and special pregnancy pillows to help you lie on your belly. If being face down is too uncomfortable for you, she has the experience and expertise to perform scans and adjustments in other ways.

A Healthier Pregnancy Starts Today

Our scanning technology, evaluations and adjustments are safe during pregnancy, and we never refer pregnant practice members for X-rays. Based on her findings, Dr. Cindy will create a customized care plan for you. We want to help you have the happiest, healthiest pregnancy possible! Contact us today to book an appointment.


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